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Have you ever been on the Disneyland ride, "It's a Small World After All"?  Wait, where are you going!  Come back!  This short isn't about that ride.  It contains no references to that ride.  I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up so abruptly.  Here, breathe into this paper bag.  Stop muttering to yourself, it'll be alright. 
But seriously, the song from "It's a Small World After All" is going through your head now, isn't it?  Well Three Magic Words features a song that is twice as catchy!  What keeps it from making you want to rip the Hammer, Anvil and/or Stirrup out of your ears using needlenose pliers?  It's about Pork! 
Yes, Pork, the delicious substance we've been known to indulge in every now and then here at RiffTrax.  And since we buy it using the titular Three Magic Words, we'll always know we've got the best pork.  What are the Three Magic Words?  Quality, freshness and flavor!  How do we remember these?  Because they are repeated approximately 837 times during this ten minute short! 
Join Mike, Kevin and Bill as they are serenaded about the joys of quality, fresh, flavorful pork.  Over...and over...and over again...

Buy the shirt inspired by Three Magic Words, "Quality, Freshness and Flavor" by Len Peralta!

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Release date

December 30, 2009

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