The Terrible Truth

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Heroin, it turns out, is bad. The Terrible Truth lays waste to the all-too-common myth that regular heroin use is a healthy part of a balanced diet. Professional scowler Judge William B. McKesson guides us through a case study of Phyllis Howard (no relation to Curly) who tries marijuana and quickly begins vacuuming up Charlie Parker-levels of Mexican black tar heroin.

Kevin, Mike and Bill ride this pony for all it's worth.

NOTE: This is an experimental DRM-free short! Use it anywhere, anytime! Or just buy it and throw it away - who cares - it's DRM free! That's right, we hate DRM just as much as you do (we blame The Man), and so we offer this experiment in total freedom. We ask (timidly, hat in hand, our eyes moist with grateful tears) that you not post it or pass it on. If this is successful, there will likely be more DRM-free video content on RiffTrax in the future.

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February 28, 2008

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