The Other Fellow's Feelings

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Jack is a youngster who has trouble respecting The Other Fellow’s Feelings. One day, the other fellow brings in a new bottle of perfume to show off to the ladies, and Jack bumps into the other fellow, knocking the perfume to the ground and breaking the bottle. After that, Jack follows the other fellow around saying “Stinky! Stinky!” Eventually the other fellow can’t take it anymore and she breaks down sobbing wondering why on earth in a short titled The Other Fellow’s Feelings they made The Other Fellow a young girl named Judy.

It checks all the bases for a classic 50s short: seven-year-olds who dress like fifty-year-old accountants, disembodied floating heads taunting helpless victims, and teachers who think the kindest solution is to demand answers from sobbing girls in front of the whole class. Plus, more taunts of “Stinky” than when Jabba The Hutt’s son was kidnapped. Buy the other fellow in your life a suitable gift depending on whether that fellow is a man, woman or wolf otherkin, then sit back on the couch and enjoy The Other Fellow’s Feelings.

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Release date

April 10, 2013


8 minutes

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