The Lemonade Stand: What's Fair?

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Running a Lemonade Stand is a childhood rite of passage, much like going off the high dive or finding a bloated corpse floating in the swimming pool right after you went off the high dive. Whipping up a bunch of artificially lemon flavored substance and selling it to neighborhood adults who would have preferred a beer was, for many of us, our first step towards becoming the financially responsible adults we are today, adults who would really prefer it if you waited until the end of the week to cash that check we just wrote you.

The short The Lemonade Stand ponders the eternal question of What’s Fair? When one partner blows off selling lemonade to toss around the old horsehide, the other wonders who the hell still uses the expression “toss around the old horsehide.” When their lemonade sales skyrocket during the partner’s absence, he’s left with a tough decision: whether or not to screw over the Winklevoss twins and abscond with all the profits.

The Lemonade Stand: What’s Fair? is an intriguing corporate thriller, that also features a little boy who performs an entire scene with a lemonade cup in his mouth. Mike, Kevin and Bill would have preferred a beer.

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January 31, 2012

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