The Day I Died

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The Day I Died is a fun, groovy, totally 70s take on the tragic consequences of teenage drunk driving. Plus there’s a great Sixth Sense-type twist at the end where you find out that the young narrator was actually dead THE WHOLE TIM--what’s that you say? Narrator tells us he’s dead from the beginning, then narrates his last day in creepy slow motion? The fact that he’s dead is even part of the title? Pretty hard to miss? I should really pay more attention? Fine, arguing person, you win. (Twist ending: there wasn’t actually an arguing person THE WHOLE TIME! It was just a lazy rhetorical device! Gotcha!!!)

Come for the beach drinking, stay for the narrator yelling at relatives and friends as they walk by his casket! Like one of these email forwards from your Grandma (complete with 36 point bright-red font and a million little arrows to scroll past) come to life, The Day I Died will scold its way into your heart!

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April 12, 2013


15 minutes

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