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The Clean Club was created to teach kids about basic hygiene and washing habits, and it’s our dear hope that it will find new life as an instructional film shown at Comic-Con registration. It’s a horrific tale of children who have reached such hobo-in-a-ditch levels of filth they become delusional, and start to believe that ordinary bathroom objects are talking to them, sometimes in disturbingly seductive voices. And if you’re not gonna listen to sexy dental floss, who are you gonna listen to? The short also introduces us to some nauseating claymation germs who would make the Garbage Pail Kids shiver, locked in fierce combat in a battle against soap for their own survival. The important lesson: every time you wash behind your ears, you are inflicting gruesome death upon the goofy anthropomorphic germs who live there happily. Kill, kids! Kill for your own survival! It’s your only hope!

Mike, Kevin and Bill have been denied membership to The Clean Club ever since the launch of their failed business venture, Foxy Septic Tank Wrestling. (It looked good on paper!!!)

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February 2, 2012

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