The ABC of Walking Wisely

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Jaywalking!  It's convenient, exciting, good for a laugh or two.  But is it wise?  To find out, let's watch The ABC of Walking Wisely, which weighs in on J-walking as well as the rest of the walking alphabet.

Oh, you weren't aware there was an entire walking alphabet?  You're not familiar with common phrases like O-walking and K-walking?  Are you curious how to avoid these deadly pitfalls?  Intrigued by the subtle differences between the A-Walker and the Y-Walker?  Then this is the short for you!

Pop in The ABC of Walking Wisely and watch a delightful collection of dumb kids play in traffic.  If you notice a reduced desire to be a Q-Walker afterwards, you can thank us then.

Mike, Kevin and Bill team up to riff The ABC of Walking Wisely, and more importantly, to walk around like the kid who thinks he's Sir Kay.

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March 11, 2011

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