RiffTrax's Worst Movies Ever (2013 poll)


Hey Bad Movie fans! Welcome to our 2nd annual Worst Movie Ever poll. Last year's poll got over 500,000 votes and resulted in Twilight being voted Worst Movie of All Time. Our list of choices this year is even bigger and badder! Vote from the choices below, and we'll publish the results in a feature article in mid-December. Whether this truly reveals the 'Worst Movie Ever', or just the 'Movie That The Internet Most Loves to Hate', who better than you, the RiffTrax audience to pick the winner!

Maximum 10 choices per submission. Vote as many times as you want (once per day)!

What is RiffTrax?

RiffTrax are hilarious commentaries from the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that you play along with a DVD, or are merged with movies and classic shorts that you can watch on-demand or on DVD.

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Vote for the Worst Movie Ever below and don't forget to vote for the Worst Movie of 2013 here!

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