Story-telling: Can You Tell It In Order?

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Those sick freaks at Coronet have done it again. Clowns. Just when you thought they’d run out of ways to spread a one minute lesson out over the course of ten minutes, they brought in clowns.

Actually, and quite thankfully, there is only one clown. But his presence is a strong one. Cackling like he’s constantly having his butt pinched or possibly suffering a series of brain hemorrhages, he tells us a story about a young boy in search of a rubber band. Presumably the clown is observing the boy from the sewer. At one point in time he brandishes scissors.

What is the short actually about, other than clowns? It was something about showing you the pieces of a story and then seeing if you can put them in order. Just as a test, let’s see how your skills are before you watch the short. The pieces are: 1) Utter abject terror, gnashing of teeth and wailing at the horror. 2) The clown appears.

Pretty tough, huh? You better watch the short.

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Release date

April 30, 2013


11 minutes

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