Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Pack

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Just the Jokes ($8.99)
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For a limited time, own all three Star Wars Prequel RiffTrax for a low price of $8.99! This is a special limited time offer, so if you've been waiting to get them, now's the time!

This trilogy pack MUST be purchased as this product - not the three product individually!

This product includes:

* Star Wars Episode 1 (Mike and Kevin)
* Star Wars Episode 2 (Mike, Kevin & Chad Vader)
* Star Wars Episode 3 (Mike, Kevin & Bill)

**Please note that Star Wars Episode 3 does not have a RiffTrax Player file available at this time. The other two movies do**

Just the Jokes file formats

Episode 1 - NTSC (Zipped) (36 MB)
Episode 1 -PAL (Zipped) (34.44 MB)
Episode 2 - NTSC (Zipped) (44.65 MB)
Episode 2 - PAL (Zipped) (43.78 MB)
Episode 3 - NTSC (Zipped) (48.91 MB)
Episode 3 - PAL (Zipped) (47.55 MB)
Episode 1 - MP3 (90.79 MB)
Episode 1 - MP3 PAL (87.16 MB)
Episode 2 - MP3 (95.63 MB)
Episode 2 - MP3 PAL (91.71 MB)
Episode 3 - MP3 (93.48 MB)
Episode 3 - MP3 PAL (89.65 MB)

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Release date

April 13, 2007

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