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The 50's are back with a simple message for you—Snap Out of It! "But," you protest, "I only—" Hey, the 50's are gonna stop you right there. Don't say another word. Doesn't matter what mealy-mouthed, limp- wristed, it's-somebody-else's-fault bull crap excuse you were about to offer, the 50's are gonna say the same thing: Snap the hell out of it!

And in Snap Out Of It, when laconic high schooler Howard starts in with some garbage about how he should have got a better grade on blah-blah whatever whatever, the answer was the same. Hey, H-man! Snap out of it! And Howard knew to slick back that hair, hitch up the dungarees and get down to the business of snapping out of it.

Mike, Bill and Kevin snap out of their own funk, and into a Slim Jim, to take on Snap Out Of It.


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May 8, 2009

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