Skipper Learns a Lesson

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Snoopy, Lassie, Cerberus, Rin-Tin-Tin: lovable canine companions are a dime a dozen.  Which makes Skipper: The Racist Dog such a breath of fresh air!  Tired of "PC" dogs who "like" children and "accept" other mutts without passing judgment?  Well then, Skipper is the dog for you!  He humps the leg of intolerance and takes a good long sniff at bigotry', tail!  Will Skipper's titular lesson be learned in time to redeem him in the eyes of his fellow dogs?  Or will he be condemned to sit alone on his porch, muttering about the way things used to be?  Find out, in Mike, Kevin and Bill's hilarious riff of Skipper Learns a Lesson.

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July 8, 2008

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