Safety - Harm Hides at Home

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Your home is crawling with hazards! You are not safe! EVERYTHING WILL KILL YOU! In fact, never mind, because you're already dead; killed by your stupid house. That, at least, is the heartwarming message of the short Safety: Harm Hides at Home. "But RiffTrax," you say, "many shorts have already exposed the obvious truth that my home is a deadly, sinister trap, ready to spring at any moment. What's so great about this one?" Aha! Do other shorts feature the groovy safety dominatrix Guardiana? Well, one other one does, but then so does this one! 

So buy it and laugh* along with Mike, Kevin and Bill.

*A thin, strangled laugh designed to cover up your growing panic as you realize your house is trying to murder you.

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Release date

March 28, 2008


16 minutes

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