RiffTrax Player FAQ

What is the RiffTrax Player?
The RiffTrax Player is software that automatically handles the synching of RiffTrax and the DVD for you.

Where do I get the RiffTrax Player?
It’s free, and you get it right here: http://www.rifftrax.com/rifftrax-player Follow the instructions on that page to download the Player.

What is a .riff file?
The RiffTrax Player does not play the standard MP3s. It plays .riff files, which are included in your purchase at no extra cost. A .riff file is essentially the MP3 and syncing instructions in one file.

So how do I watch a RiffTrax movie using the player?
Put the DVD in the DVD drive and open the RiffTrax Player. Click the “Load RiffTrax” button, and select the appropriate .riff file for the movie you’re going to watch. The DVD will begin to play just like normal, but once the movie starts, the riffing will come in already synched up.

Do all movies have .riff files available for download?
Most of our movies do, but not every single one. Each movie’s product page indicates whether the RiffTrax is available in RiffTrax Player format. If you’ve already purchased a certain RiffTrax, when a RiffTrax Player file becomes available for it, you will automatically have access to it in your Order History.

If the RiffTrax becomes out of sync with the DVD, is there any way to get it back into sync?
Getting off sync is rare, but fast forwarding or rewinding the movie a few seconds to a section where there is dialog, or skipping back to the last chapter usually will sync the movie and RiffTrax back up. For best syncing performance, we recommend not running any other memory intensive programs on your computer at the same time.

Is the Player available for Mac?
No, there is currently no estimated release date for a Mac version.

How do I get to full screen viewing?
Double click anywhere on the movie window.

How do I get the floating control bar in full screen?
The floating DVD control menu will appear in the bottom left corner when you move the mouse cursor toward the bottom of the screen. It will disappear when you click anywhere on the movie, or when you click the ‘X’ to close it.

How can I adjust volume?
Volume can be adjusted from the Menu Screen or the Full Screen control panel. Volume for the DVD and the RiffTrax are set separately, and can be adjusted based on your system and personal preference, at any time during the movie.

What is ducking?
Ducking is an optional feature that automatically lowers (ramps) the volume of the DVD whenever riffing is happening. This makes it easier to hear riffs during loud, explosion-y parts of the movies. Ducking can be turned on or off from the icon bar at the top of the menu screen. The Ducking generally has a gradual lowering (down-ramp) of the DVD audio before the Riff and a gradual raising (up-ramp) of the DVD audio after the Riff. While the ramping is maxed out at 2 sec duration, you can adjust the ramp to your own preference by going into the DVD Settings menu button (to the right of the DVD Fullscreen button) and selecting Rendering/Ducking option at the top. The default has the audio ramped up immediately after the Riff.

Why is the player telling me I have to update?
The RiffTrax player is constantly being refined based on our user’s experience. The RiffTrax Player will prompt you if a new version of the player is available, and will automatically download and install any future updates. We recommended that you always install the latest version before using the player.

Can I download the MP3 (embedded in the .riff file) to my IPOD or other MP3 device?
Yes, just click the “Export Riff to External Device” button on the Icon Bar. The name of the RiffTrax MP3 file will be displayed and when you click “Export PC MP3 File” you can choose where the file will be created on your computer. You can use this file in any way you would a normal RiffTrax MP3 file.

What if the video or audio is not working properly in the Player?
Please see this thread in our support forum that deals with the most common issues.

What If I can hear the RiffTrax but not the movie dialogue?
Please download and install AC3 Filter from here

What if I’m still having problems with the Player?
Please create a thread in our support forum or see if your issue has already been addressed. We can only help if you include some kind of information about the problem you are dealing with. Please tell us about your computer set up and what movie you are trying to watch.

Will the RiffTrax Player work with downloaded video files or burnt DVDs?
No. The Riff Player will only will only work with official DVDs.

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