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When we're deciding what shorts to screen here at RiffTrax, there's a 27 step, bullet-pointed criteria we use.  Then we just pick the ones with the funniest title.  More often than not, this leads to disappointment.  It turns out that Why Do We Still Have Mountains* was...
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Sep 28 2010
When police inspector Launchpad McQuack receives a phone call that Huey, Dewey and Louie have gone missing, his initial inclination was to suspect the Beagle Boys - a suspicion that his neighbor Donald Duck was only too happy to go along with.  But Donald seemed a little too ...
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Sep 21 2010
Some questions are as old as time.  “Why are we here?”  “Can love really last?”  “Who let the dogs out?”  “Is corn grass?”  But there’s one ancient question that’s sure to chill you to the bone, when asked creepily...
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Sep 14 2010
What would you do if you visited an elderly aunt only to find her injured on the floor?  Would you regret that you had not been there when she fell from the stepladder, because if you had you could have captured the hilarious moment on video?  Uploaded the video to YouTube, to see it...
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Sep 7 2010
In honor of Alone at Home, we did a little research on a similarly-titled film only to discover that Macaulay Culkin recently turned 30.  That’s right, the kid from Home Alone is 30 years old.  How ‘bout that for a dose of reality?  A reminder of time’s...
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Aug 31 2010
When the 1920's ended, America was left with a shortage of crazy fads.  Goldfish went un-swallowed.  Flagpoles went un-sat upon.  Charleston's went un-charlestoned. Dozens of dead bodies were pried out of a single phone booth. By and large people stopped messing around and...
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Aug 24 2010
In preparation for working on Fad Diet Circus, we here at RiffTrax decided to try out a few of the more popular fad diets.  We started with the “Macho Man Randy Savage Diet”, which allows only foods that you can “Snap into!”  Then there was the “Soup-Made-...
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Aug 16 2010
School's out, and this summer, there's only one place to find elementary school children.  No, not the basketball courts.  No, not the movie theater.  No, not the swimming hole, they cut down the rope swing after Tommy broke his leg.  No, not the mall.  No, not...
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Aug 13 2010
As any dorm poster covered in photographs of shots that no adult would actually order at a bar could tell you, “Life is full of difficult decisions.”  Tommy, the hero of Decisions, Decisions, would surely agree.  His life has recently been rocked, as he was forced to move to a...
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Aug 10 2010
It's every parent's nightmare:  You're woken up at 3AM by a knock at your front door.  When you open it, there's a somber looking policeman standing there, his hat in his hands. He avoids eye contact with you, and his voice quivers as he begins to speak.  Before he...
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Aug 6 2010
In honor of our new short, Things Are Different Now, we’d like to list some things that are different now.  In 2004, Mel Gibson was featured in Time’s “Man of the Year” issue for the success and spiritual impact of his film The Passion of the Christ.  ...
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Jul 23 2010
You may think you know your Mealtime Manners, but much like the recent Kevorkian biopic that, despite starring Al Pacino, was sadly neither unintentionally hilarious nor full of rapid fluctuations in vocal volume, You Don't Know Jack! Mealtime Manners & Health posits the radical notion...
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Jul 9 2010
Teaching kids about the evils of racism in a clear, culturally-sensitive manner is a difficult task.  Fortunately for us, it’s something the makers of educational shorts from decades past were woefully inept at!  Are People All the Same? takes an interesting approach.  In order...
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Jul 6 2010
The bartender says "I was talking to the duck!"  And, so it was finished, before it had even begun.  She was a dark and stormy dame.  Really, that's a badger?  "Over there, behind the fake tree," she said.  The record scratched at midnight, as it...
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Jul 2 2010
For years, The Weather has been the go-to topic for nervously discussing with your co-workers whenever you end up sharing an elevator with them after you fail to see them pull into the parking lot at the same time as you, leaving you unable to adjust your route on the fly.  "Some weather...
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Jun 29 2010
Meet Roy, elementary school student.  Some children learn with more ease than others.  Every child learns with more ease than Roy.  He wants nothing from life except to be left alone: shy, silent, whittling off pieces of his desk in hopes that he’ll eventually find one that...
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Jun 25 2010
Join the middle-aged drummer as this thrilling documentary follows his exploits during Rush’s 2009 Asian tour.  Leaving in his wake several bottles of FiberCon, completely unnecessary drum kit pieces, and pulp 1950s Sci-Fi novels with highlighted passages marked “use for lyrics...
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Jun 18 2010
Do you ever stop to reflect on what an ungrateful, useless little puke you were as a child?  Like when your father came home after his 60 hour work week with the new lunchbox he thought you wanted, and you threw a red-faced tantrum because it was Go-Bots, not Transformers?  Or the time...
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Jun 15 2010
One of the great questions ethicists have pondered over time has been "what is the right thing to do?"   Meet Mr. Carson, who has never answered this question correctly. He's the man who puts the "wretch" in "eking out a paranoid, wretched existence living in filth...
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Jun 8 2010
Consider: a young boy, growing up in an urban setting with seemingly absentee parents, purchases a special plant from a quirky man who has assumed the moniker "Papa Nikolai".  The boy goes on to guard his new greenery from others with a fervor that borders on the paranoid, lashing...
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Jun 4 2010
 Parts.  We all have them.  Some of them are public, like elbows and unibrows.  Some of them are private, like thigh pimples or the complete set of Bob Seger CDs that you pray your new girlfriend doesn't stumble across.  But did you know that people aren't the only...
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Jun 1 2010
Many times we find ourselves mocking the content of the educational shorts we feature here at RiffTrax.  Most of the time it is quite deserved; if you will recall, not too long ago we did a short entitled Buying Food.  But occasionally we'll stumble across one like Geography...
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May 28 2010
Reading: for now, it is the only way to experience the approximately four remaining books that have not been made into movies (three, after this summer's CGI heavy adaptation of Frog & Toad are Friends. Sam Worthington will play both title roles.) So you'd better be sure that your...
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May 21 2010
 Every now and then you meet a child who forever changes your perception of how stupid a child can be. There's your second cousin's boy, Leon, who spends summer afternoons black-widow-huntin' in the woodpile. Or little cross-eyed Margie, with her affinity for drinking liters of...
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May 18 2010
We all have a certain summer memory.  One that we find ourselves fondly reminiscing over as the days get longer and hotter.  A memory of a different time, when we still retained our childlike innocence, but possessed a desire to stretch our wings and explore the world around us. These...
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May 11 2010
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