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Here it is, at last, the FINAL EPISODE chronicling Batman’s struggle against the Wizard! The suspense is thick, and everyone’s wondering: who will prevail and be victorious? Will it be the nefarious Wizard or -- wait, oh come on, it’s right there in the stupid...
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Sep 19 2014
In episode 182* of the Batman serial, The World’s Greatest Detective, star of Detective Comics, is forced to do some actual Detective Work! The Wizard has been shot in the hand and in a twist that would make the writers of even the worst Scooby-Doo episodes, the ones with Scooby-Dum, shake...
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Sep 16 2014
As the latest episode of the Batman serial begins, Robin is speeding along in an...armored car? Hm, that actually sounds kind of cool… And it contains a remote control device called The Neutralizer? Intriguing, what’s it do? Disables The Wizard’s invisibility device!? Wow!! And...
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Sep 5 2014
When you want facts, there’s only one form of entertainment that you can turn to: the documentary. Known for their unbiased viewpoints, documentaries like Fahrenheit 9/11, 2016: Obama’s America, and Loose Change give you the unvarnished truth, regardless of...
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Aug 22 2014
Please enjoy our new RiffTrax Animated Intro - the theme song is written and performed by Jonathan Coulton, and the animation is by Harry Partridge. Files include versions for legacy devices and HDTVs!
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Aug 14 2014
After the shocking, pulse-pounding ending of Episode 11: Robin’s Ruse (rhymes with caboose), many Batman fans were left wondering how will they top that?! Will there be an episode where Batman debates between a name brand and store brand pancake mix? Will Gabe be forced to wait in...
Average: 4.9 (14 votes)
Aug 12 2014
Willy Whistle! Yes, he looks like the Bill from that School House Rock cartoon’s less successful brother, but he’s so much more than that. He’s an anthropomorphic flying whistle who lives in a cop’s whiskers, and pops out to tell kids what to do, overcoming the...
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Jul 24 2014
On a “People We’d Prefer To Only Encounter Once In Our Lifetime”, most of us would rank the guy who twirls the sign advertising Little Caesar’s $5 Hot ‘n Readys, Hitler (after travelling through time to shoot him), and Hootie And The Blowfish drummer Jim Sonefeld*...
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Jul 7 2014
The "educational films" made by the lunatics at ACI Films have covered some dubious subjects: County fairs. "Doing words." And of course, making terrible crafts out of garbage. But still, we held out the faintest hope that when they tackled a legitimate subject like ‘...
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Jun 30 2014
If you’ve been watching the Batman serials up to this point, you know to expect disappointment with regard to the actions described in the title actually appearing in the serial. For example, Robin's Wild Ride did not contain a Robin partaking in a wild ride. Robin did not meet...
Average: 4.7 (28 votes)
Jun 24 2014
Sure, short films about janitors and toilets are great. Everyone agrees on that. Literally everyone. But if there’s one thing most of these films lack, it’s a meditative, philosophical approach to the subject matter. “Tell me something I DON’T know,” you’re...
Average: 4.6 (26 votes)
Jun 13 2014
Complete these lyrics: Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… Batman? No, we’re sorry, those were the “na na na nas” from “Here Comes The Hotstepper” by Ini Kamoze.* Even though you failed the quiz, we’re still going to let you watch the tenth...
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Jun 9 2014
Fashion Horizons! No, it’s not a plus-size clothing store at the mall. It’s a little slice of history, a travelogue from back when commercial airliners were new and shiny and filled with traveling model/actresses, apparently. The short is also historic because it features all...
Average: 4.7 (26 votes)
Jun 2 2014
The cavalcade of madness that is the At Your Fingertips series marches on. In this installment: Cylinders! Turns out the tubes on the inside of paper towels and TP that you throw into the garbage without a second thought can be used to make art! Well, not so much art as stuff. OK...
Average: 4.5 (22 votes)
May 19 2014
Writing Better Social Letters! The much lighter follow-up to Coronet’s disastrous Writing Better SOCIALIST Letters, which led to half the company being blacklisted and drummed out of the film business in the 1950s. It’s about a young man with a real passion for...
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May 9 2014
Health: Your Posture tells the tale of Adrilene, a young girl with a serious problem: her parents named her Adrilene. Tragically, her nightmare doesn’t end there, she also has to deal with a condescending educational short telling her she doesn’t stand right. Then, even her...
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Apr 29 2014
Nobody’s more qualified to tell people How to Keep a Job than Coronet Films, the company that managed to sleepwalk its way through making 99% of all educational shorts ever produced. How to EXCEL at a job? Not their thing. How to IMPROVE at your job? No dice. But How to Keep a...
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Apr 22 2014
Think back on the all-time great great speeches humans have given. Martin Luther King on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Honest Abe’s Gettysburg address. Marc Antony at Caesar's funeral. Bill Pullman in Independence Day. But before delivering any of these masterful works of...
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Apr 18 2014
Fresh off of not actually meeting Robin in the previous installment, Robin Meets the Wizard, it’s only natural that the Wizard would be ready to not strike back in this episode, Batman: The Wizard Strikes Back! The series is really coming into focus now. After slicing open...
Average: 4.9 (33 votes)
Mar 14 2014
This Is Hormel is a short in the grand tradition of David and Hazel and Setting Up A Room, where you look at the time remaining on your media player and think “Clearly that has to be a mistake.” But no! It’s a half hour long Hormel infomercial masquerading as an...
Average: 4.8 (83 votes)
Feb 28 2014
In this installment of the vintage serial, Robin finally meets the Wizard! Yes, the boy wonder teams up with Fred Savage, strapping on Power Gloves to win the tournament and the hearts of gamers everywhere. No, sorry, wrong Wizard! Correction: Robin runs into Radagast the Brown, who confuses him...
Average: 4.8 (34 votes)
Feb 11 2014
Safety Woman’s back, and she’s more out of doors than ever! Yes, everyone’s favorite crossing guard turned cosmic superhero Guardiana, seen first in the beloved RiffTrax short Safety: Harm Hides at Home, is taking it outside, Dalton from Road House style. But don...
Average: 4.8 (33 votes)
Jan 31 2014
In The Fatal Blast Batman’s world is nearly upended when ace reporter Vicki Vale finally begins to suspect his secret identity. “Are you Bruce Wayne?” she asks him. A hero of lesser resolve would have cracked, but Batman has decades of training that has hardened his...
Average: 4.7 (30 votes)
Jan 10 2014
This sixth installment in the thrilling serial takes an unexpected turn when the Wizard and his gang, who previously had been targeting Batman and Robin, begin to Target Robin! Oh, and also still Batman. The bad guys are still targeting both of them, as they have from the beginning. These...
Average: 4.9 (23 votes)
Jan 3 2014
At last, the ORIGINAL faked moon landing is available as a RiffTrax! A Trip to the Moon is the most famous film by French cinema pioneer Georges Méliès (aka, the dude from Hugo) but somehow he forgot to include any dialogue or audio! Silly guy! Luckily for him, we’re here to...
Average: 4.6 (35 votes)
Dec 20 2013
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