RiffPlayer Download

Thank you for your interest in the RiffPlayer!

Click one of the buttons below to download the correct version of the RiffPlayer for your operating system.

(Latest build: 0.4.3 - Updated Apr 12 2011)

NOTE: Requires 10.6 and an Intel CPU.
(Latest build: 0.6.0 - Updated Sep 20 2011)

Built on open source

We've been hard at work on the new RiffPlayer. It's built on open source technology, allowing both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX users to watch their DVDs and their RiffTrax in sync - automatically!

Currently, the player only supports retail DVDs, but we hope to allow support for digital video formats - such as purchases from the iTunes store - in future versions of the player.

Some popular titles that are compatible with the RiffPlayer include...

Star Wars: A New Hope

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

Twilight: Eclipse


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