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Reading: for now, it is the only way to experience the approximately four remaining books that have not been made into movies (three, after this summer's CGI heavy adaptation of Frog & Toad are Friends. Sam Worthington will play both title roles.)

So you'd better be sure that your Basic Reading Skills are not lacking!  How can you be sure?  We've prepared a simple test.  Just identify the subject of the following sentence: "Totally grape ape, should our snorkel rubadub the two step, moon for sure."  Ready?  The answer was: Chester A. Arthur.

First of all, if you got that wrong, SHAME ON YOU.  But there is hope (amidst the SHAME!)  The hope comes in the form of Reading Growth: Basic Skills which provides several helpful strategies for mastering reading, most of which make about as much sense as our example.  Also, there is a frog, but it's not played by Sam Worthington. He is, however, much more successful at masking his Australian accent.

Mike, Kevin and Bill identify the subject of this sentence as hilarity!  And then feel deep SHAME because it turns out it was actually Chester A. Arthur again... 


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May 21, 2010

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