Nutrition: The All-American Meal

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Nutrition: The All-American Meal exists primarily as a guide to the wide and varied world of 70s hideousness. Throughout, a seemingly endless parade of unfortunate choices marches in front of the camera to lecture us about the “All-American Meal” of a hamburger, fries and a soda. Turns out that this traditional on-the-go feast is not actually that good for us.

Ah, how little these poor Carter-voting rubes knew. You will probably watch Nutrition while consuming the Pizza Hut Ten Dollar Meal box (contents: bread & cheese), or perhaps the monstrosity known as the Baconator. If you are lucky enough you may even scarf down a taco with a shell made out of a giant dorito, washed down by a varietal of Mountain Dew whose color did not exist in the 1970s. You will see these be-muttonchopped, floral print wearing ninnies lecture about the negative health properties of a burger that shockingly contained no onion rings or pulled pork. And you will laugh.

Then you will choke on a curly fry dipped in that new variety of ranch that is thicker because it’s specifically designed for dipping. So maybe hold off on those until after the short is done.

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April 24, 2012

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