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Apr 13 13

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Prior to, travel was a risky proposition.

One could easily book a hotel in a large city, only to find that the hotel pool in fact was not heated.

A vacation brochure might show a lovely lakeside cabin, which, upon arrival, was in fact delapidated and subject to flooding during inclement weather.

The seaside hamlet boasting a vibrant downtown district and burgeoning art community might turn out to be a haven for satanic cannibals.

The final scenario befalls our heroine, who, while searching for her wayward father, finds herself surrounded by lunatics, devil-worshipers, and, yes, eaters of human flesh. But does she run from the evil hoardes who occupy this seaside hamlet? No! She stands her ground! She stares into the darkness and laughs! She...

Well, actually, she doesn't do much of anything. She's rather passive, truth be told. This full length movie VOD riff is from Toast and Rice.

NOTE:  The Explicit warning is due to profanity and brief nudity in the movie.  The riff itself is PG.

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