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Not so much the X-Men kind of mutant, and not so much the Teenage Ninja Turtle kind of mutant, Mutant is all about that most iconic form of mutant: the one that seems a lot like a zombie. Yes, when you see hordes of zombies chasing the citizens of this sleepy Southern town, you might be tempted to tell yourself “I am watching a zombie movie.” When the words “mutant” and “mutation” are never used in the course of the script, and you are watching flesh-eating zombies eat flesh, you might really get into this closed-minded “this is absolutely a zombie movie, why is it called Mutant” headspace. But remember that these are definitely mutants, NOT zombies, and the title surely has nothing at all to do with the fact that the film was originally released with the title Night Shadows before the producers realized that sounded a little more “shade of mascara at Hot Topic” than “horror movie.”

Wings Hauser, Wings Hauser’s brother, and Wings Hauser’s giant face are prototypical 80s yuppies (translation: they’re jerks and their shorts are way too short). To escape the stress of life in “Capital City” they take a road trip and wind up stranded in a sleepy Southern town infested with violent hillbillies, a drunk sheriff, and some good old down-home toxic waste. Something is mutanty in zombietown, and our heroes suspect a conspiracy that goes to the top of a local terrifyingly powerful mega-corporation (translation: a few guys in a barn with a hose and a hole in the ground).

Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for this classic 80s tale of snobs vs. slobs who are mutants who are zombies, Mutant!

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May 8, 2012

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