More Dangerous Than Dynamite

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When the 1920's ended, America was left with a shortage of crazy fads.  Goldfish went un-swallowed.  Flagpoles went un-sat upon.  Charleston's went un-charlestoned. Dozens of dead bodies were pried out of a single phone booth. By and large people stopped messing around and got back to work.  It was horrible.

But amidst the ceasing of Roaring, one major trend still managed to sweep the nation: washing your clothes with gasoline!  Every housewife on Main St. could be found hitting up the local filling station, returning home with a reeking, volatile jug of gasoline, and submerging her delicates in it to get out those pesky grass stains.

Haven't heard of this trend?  That's because it never actually existed.  But that didn't stop the makers of More Dangerous Than Dynamite from pretending like it did in order to drive more business towards the dry cleaners that they presumably had a vested financial interest in.  But that only means that the stern lecturing tone of the short they created comes across as that much more hilariously histrionic.  

THRILL as the young mother dunks her bathrobe in diesel!  CHILL as her vigorous rubbing causes deadly static electricity sparks!  LAUGH as she runs around in mock agony as she is engulfed in terrible animation! Mike, Kevin and Bill pour up a big pan of gas, turn off all steam valves and start a-washin' in More Dangerous Than Dynamite!


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August 24, 2010

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