Maintaining Classroom Discipline

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We can all agree that Classroom Discipline is great. But what good is it if you can’t maintain it? Fortunately we have this short, which comes with the delightful realization that “Wow, they actually expected adult professionals to watch this.”

The film stars Mr. Grimes, (or “Grimey” as he liked to be called), in a classic “Goofus and Gallant” scenario. Which role would you emulate? The hostile, shrieking Mr. Grimes who hands out detentions as if they were pennies wrapped in tinfoil on Halloween? Or the cool, mellow Mr. Grimes who one day lets it slip that he still lives with his mother. Of course you’d pick the first one. Whether he’s an effective educator is beside the point, because clearly the second one’s admission  has lost him the respect of at least the next ten years of students who parade through his classroom.

Find an eraser to hurl and synchronize your watches so you’ll know when to drop your textbooks. It’s time for Maintaining Classroom Discipline!

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May 15, 2013


14 minutes

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