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RiffTrax Live 2017: SAMURAI COP, Summer Shorts Beach Party, and a Mystery Title!

Samurai Cop (April 13, encore April 18)

In movie theaters for the first time, Samurai Cop follows Joe, a cop they call Samurai, who takes himself and his fabulous hair (really, it is an amazing thing to behold) to Los Angeles from the faraway land of San Diego to bust up a gang whose stated goal is putting someone’s head on their piano. Joe and his partner, whose main task is to shamelessly mug to the camera, run up against MST3K fan-favorite, Robert Z’Dar, for some insanely awful and hilarious fight scenes.

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Thanks to our friends at Cinema Epoch for letting us riff this title. Support them by buying Samurai Cop on Blu-ray here - and maybe even pick yourself up a t-shirt to wear to the show!

Summer Shorts Beach Party (June 15)

We're heading back to Nashville, the Beach Party Capital of the South, for one hilarious night of educational shorts - riffed LIVE in front of a huge audience at the Belcourt Theatre! Mike, Kevin and Bill return to the stage with RiffTrax regulars Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl, along with some special guests, to take turns riffing shorts in various permutations. The live show will culminate in a RIFF-A-PALOOZA with everyone on stage at the same time!


Our last show of 2017 is going to feature one of the BIGGEST, most well-known and legally complicated names EVER! "What could that possibly be???" we hear you asking. We're legally prohibited and can't tell you just yet - but all will be revealed after our Kickstarter funding campaign is completed!

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