Kitty Cleans Up

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Years in the spotlight had left Kitty with fame, riches, and a drug habit to rival all but the Busey-ist of addicts.  Hooked on catnip, Kitty quickly found herself alone on the street, fishing quarters out of the gutter in hopes of landing her daily fix of The 'Nip.  It seemed as if she had hit rock bottom when she shot a delivery man in cold blood, only to find out that he was unloading crates of oregano, not catnip.  Kitty knew she needed to get Cleaned Up, and she enrolled into the finest 12 step program in the country, hoping to patch her life back together.

Kitty Cleans not that story.  It's about some creepy kid with the voice of a forty year old who decides that good hygiene practices are best learned by imitating a cat.  Mike, Kevin and Bill have of course known this for years, and help get the message out in one of the oddest RiffTrax shorts to date.

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Release date

July 29, 2008

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