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Our new short Joy Ride feels like beloved movie Dazed and Confused, but shortened dramatically, focusing on the minor characters, with less emphasis on keg parties up at the Moontower and more on the tragic consequences of reckless behavior. In short, it’s the perfect film!

When two young boys steal a teenager’s car and pick up a couple of girls for a high-speed drive up a mountain, what could go wrong? Well, yes, that. Exactly what you’re thinking. But not before they have the time of their lives! For example, they park the fast car so they can...sit in an abandoned, not-working car, in a grassy field, and pretend to drive THAT car instead. Yep, totally worth it.

Get “duded up” for some “hotshots” (actual slang used multiple times in this short) then join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for a seatbelt-free, Kool-Aid soaked Joy Ride!

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July 6, 2012

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