Upsetting Shorts - Soapy the Germ Fighter

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May 20 10

Available formats:

  • MPEG4, VOD

In this living, breathing nightmare of a short, poor Billy Martin is visited in the dead of night by a giant, anthropomorphic bar of soap that admonishes him for his hygiene-related failings, of which he has many.  Learn along with Billy from his large, semi-transparent, cleansing friend, so that you, too, can be clean for Soapy.  And to share your cookie.

Incidentally, Just Andrew also has a riff up of this very same short, which you should also check out.  I can assure you that our version was written and recorded with absolutely no knowledge of Andrew's riff; if you watch both (protip: you should), know that any similarities are entirely coincidental, and simply mean that both Upsetting Shorts and Just Andrew are totally, totally awesome.

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