The Tale of Despereaux

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The Tale of Despereaux (or "ToD", as it's known by its fan) is an award-winning* tale of a loveable** mouse on a quest to restore sunlight, rain, and soup to his troubled kingdom***.  Also, it's stupid.  Following are a list of awards which ToD should have won:

  • Best Movie to Introduce the Concept of "Being Eaten by Rats" to Your Four Year Old
  • Most Faithful Rendering of a Lousy Book or Book Series to a Lousier Movie Since Battlefield Earth
  • Best Miscasting of High-Caliber Actors and Actresses Since Judi Dench Starred Opposite Vin Diesel
  • Lamest Character Names _NOT_ in a George Lucas Movie
  • Most Obvious Bid to get Children to Eat Soup!

If you want to sit down and watch a painful movie, or if you just really hate your kids, pick up a copy of The Tale of Despereaux today!  If you would then like to salvage your dignity, sanity, or family cohesion, listen to this iRiff while watching the movie!


Tom & Jon


* Lie

** Big Fat Lie

*** Sadly True



  • This iRiff is clean enough to watch with the whole family
  • Cheryl and Lily joined us to provide synching support

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