The Mummy

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Aug 13 10

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The target of this iRiff is 1999's 'The Mummy': 739th in a long line of miserable remakes.  This version of the movie far outstrips its predecessors on two counts: it contains more Brendan Fraser, and it contains more of that sugar-substitute for quality, CGI.  If either of those two things seems promising to you, may we suggest that skipping this iRiff and viewing Journey to the Center of the Earth might be more to your liking.

For those still with us, please enjoy this iRiff as we dig in to a nice, dare I say 'juicy'?, helping of well-meaning acting and energetic silliness.  Adding that special blend of sarcasm and irony, with a dash of disbelief and a pinch of pain, Tom and Jon endeavour to make this movie palatable to the discerning Riff-lovers' taste.

Tom & Jon



* We riffed the "Ultimate Edition", 125 minute runtime

* Cheryl joins us as our Sync-Cat

* NTSC & PAL versions available


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