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Apr 13 13

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As young women mature, they find themselves under pressure to conform to the expectations of their peers, establish an identity, get shot in the head by blank bullets, select a...wait, what now?

Meet the Sisters.  A secret society so secret that...well, it's not.  Everyone seems  to know about it, including the police, who have to clean up the mess when their initiation ceremony kills a pledge by accident.  Or was it? 

It wasn't.  No spoiler alert necessary; it's obvious from the get go.

Fast forward seven years.  Our Sorority of Stupid is enjoying all of the benefits that come from being a member of an elite alliance of the select few.  Except for the fact that they're all pretty much losers.  And, unfortunately, getting killed off one by one as the sins of the past come back to haunt them.  They're also haunted by a boom mike.  Seriously, it's everywhere.



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