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Apr 09 12

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The Cold War was a scary time.

Locked in an atomic stalemate, the great powers of the world engaged in a precarious game of cat and mouse.  The very survival of the human race was in jeopardy.  In those times of desperation, the American People called out for a hero.

They were given Arch Hall Jr.

Yes, the kid from Eegah!

No, this is not a fictional alternate history where the Soviet Union conquered the world.  

Watch as our champion of democracy faces off against offensive ethnic stereotypes, wise-cracking bunnies, and a femme fatale who uses Rohypnol as perfume.  Against all odds, our hero saves the day, and rides off into the sunset with a fair maiden...who also uses Rohypnol as perfume.

A word of warning, I'm not kidding about the offensive stereotypes.  This movie makes a D.W. Griffith movie look nuanced.

This Full Length VOD is from Toast and Rice.

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