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Apr 13 13

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In our modern, pre-packaged society, the side dishes on our plates likely come from large, mass-produced crops, transported over hundreds of miles, and polluted with dangerous chemicals.

It was not always so.  There was a simpler time, when the bounty of the earth was grown in the soil of one’s own home, carried mere yards to the table of the family, freshly gathered by the hands that cultivated and reaped the harvest of the fields.

Now, don’t kid yourself.  It was still polluted with dangerous chemicals.  Scary stuff, actually.  You know how they took lead out of paint?  They used to spray it on tomatoes.  Yes, on purpose.

Join Betsy and Bill, siblings with a seed catalogue, a pitchfork and a dream.   Watch in wonder as they start a small backyard garden, which eventually grows to a wide expanse of fruits and vegetables as far as the eye can see. 

Literally.  The whole house is surrounded by stalks and bushes.  It becomes an entity.  Like Field of Dreams.  Only, with radishes. 

This VOD short is from Toast and Rice.  

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