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Sep 05 11

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The Terminator sure does have the makings of an episode ripped off of Jerry Springer.   Here you are presented with two individuals.  One man and One Machine and one gal in the cream filled center. 

One has been sent to destroy 

The other to protect. 

Makes you wonder who's cheating on who doesn't it? Yeah why don't let bodyguard Steve break these two appart for this all exclusive knockout brawl that is about to take fold. 

Personally WE AT THE FILMMAKERS STUDIO got our money riding on the big FELLA if you know what I mean. 

YEAH take that Michael Biehn, YOU SKINNY LITTLE LIZZARD, you don't MOW another MAN'S LAWN! 

Well but don't take my word for it we'll just watch and let it all play out.l  






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