The Powers of Congress, presented by Sam & Rob

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Nov 14 11

Available formats:

  • Riff of the 1947 educational film in mov format

Like any man with big problems, Charles Bentley blames everything on the government. That changes when he has a chilling* vision of a world without Congress. Silent expressionist cinema, Lawrence Welk’s bubble machine, and a plot shamelessly lifted from It’s A Wonderful Life convince Bentley that Congress must assume complete power over every aspect of our lives. It all leads to the explosive climax when Bentley composes a speech about Congress ... in real time! Weep for your grandparents, children, because this is how they learned about government before Schoolhouse Rock.

* NOTE: vision of the world without Congress may not be chilling to Ron Paul supporters

Sam & Rob present their first short film, The Powers of Congress. All you need to do is download and play, no synching required! And don’t forget to check out our feature-length iRiff, Commando!

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