RTU Presents: "Appreciating Our Parents" - Short

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Jul 17 09

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You ungrateful Earthlings. Your parents give you everything, and what do you do? Go out and become a masochist with a rough trick named Freddy. Well, while you're on the "Tower of Power", begin to think what your parents did for you. Slightly make your room a little less messy. Work anonymous jobs just to make ends meat.

How about you think how you could give back to them? Why don't you buy this riff to find out out how. Otherwise, I can guarentee your parents will hate you for the rest of your life. Now, you don't want that. Do you? Maybe. Well, enjoy.

Oh, right. This is the very first riff by the newest Riff the Universe riffer Nick. Welcome to the RTU family, Nicholas. For  his very first riff, he did a pretty stunning job.


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