Ronin Fox Trax: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

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Jessie is your average everyday loner...well okay so he's really a whiney little wimp.  He's manly enough to have a girlfriend though, even though he seemingly would rather leave her alone and sneak into his gym parter's bedroom.

Oh, and he's killing people.

So what does a wimpy, sexually indecisive, annoying teenage murderer have to do with Freddy Kreuger?  Good question, we'll get back to that...maybe.

My good friend "Nykk" joins me on this Ronin Fox Trax/Nykkriffs coproduction on the movie that started the Nightmare on Elm Street tradition of films that are only 1/800 as interesting as their posters.

Round 2 of Freddy vs. Ronin!  More to come!

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