Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch: The Return of Chandu Chapter 7

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May 13 13

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Usually Johnny's ghost roomies won't let the poor guy have a good night's sleep. This week, though, he turns the tables, as he awakens the three phantom ladies for an emergency viewing (?) of a chapter of 1934's RETURN OF CHANDU, starring Bela Lugosi.

Follow Lugosi's adventures as Chandu, a 1930's action hero only slightly more physically capable than Stephen Hawking, in his attempts to solve the mystery of the island of Lemuria. Watch Chandu's advanced investigative techniques, such as running away from temples, bumping his head, and falling through trap doors. Ask yourself why the producers didn't just hire Karloff. All this and more, as The Ghosts (and you!) check out THE RETURN OF CHANDU CHAPTER 7: MYSTERIOUS MAGIC!

This iRiff presentation comes as a nice neat Video On Demand, an all-in-one video file with the jokes built right in. No synching required! Just download and enjoy.

THE RETURN OF CHANDU CHAPTER 7 is a more-or-less family friendly entry from the Ghosts (I know; I was surprised too), and is part of the Return of Chandu Crossover Project. Check out all of the chapters, each done by a different group of iRiffers, at

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