Ralph and Rick resent: The Return of Chandu Chapter 4 !

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Apr 22 13

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Journey with us once again to exotic and mysterious lands filled with warbly music and jumpy, monochromatic characters. Yes, it's the Return of Chandu with BELA LUGOSI!

Thrill to the mystery and suspense: How many times in a single episode can Princess Nadji of Egypt be abducted and imperiled under the watchful eye of CHANDU, the Magician?! Will this be the episode to break all previous records?   

RALPH AND RICK bring you the nonoultimate* episode of this fabulous movie serial, currently being riffed episode-by-episode by an elite group of Rifftrax' best iRiffers! Of those who signed up.

Find all the latest episodes here! rifftrax.com/iriffs/return-chandu-crossover-project

And for the best in Ralph- and Rick-ery, click here: rifftrax.com/iriffs/ralph-and-rick

*I made up that word. "Nonoultimate". 9th to last.

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