Ralph and Rick resent: Prehistoric Women (1967)!

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Buxom Blondes battle Beastly Brunettes in steamy, tropical Elstree Studios, while an inscrutable White Rhinoceros looks on in papier-mâché stoicism.

Join British hunter David Marchant (Michael Latimer) on an epic quest to discover the magical force that holds up cruel queen Kari's (Martine Beswicke) animal skin bikini.  Thrill to the sounds of prehistoric tribes and their perfect English syntax!  Wonder at the slave girls' seemingly endless supply of mascara and hairspray!  Recall the sets and actors left over from One Million Years B.C.!  Despair that the exception is Raquel Welch, who does not appear in this movie.

Yes, travel back with us through the magical iPortal of Ralph and Rick...  For Prehistoric Women (1967)!  Featuring a special effects sequence so effective, you'll swear you can hear Carlo Rambaldi's facepalm.

 Not VOD; be sure to visit Netflix for a copy of 1967s Prehistoric Women to complete your iJourney.  Not to be confused with the 1950 film of the same name.

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