Ralph and Rick resent: The Phantom Empire Chapter 1

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Nov 14 11

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Ralph and Rick are honored to bring you the first episode: CHAPTER ONE of the PHANTOM EMPIRE CROSSOVER PROJECT!

Lost to the annals of history*, a forgotten people bravely struggle for their very way of life in this stunning epic serial. This is the story of the Singing Cowboy, proud, majestic, harmonic... They can take his land, but they can never take his spirit.  Without a flimsy radio contract.

Oh, and there's some underground civilization not seen since the last ice age. With robots.

...And Gene Autry, one time owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! Frankie Darro, before his breakthrough role as Delivery Boy on the Addams Family! Betsy King Ross, "Queen of Young Wild West Riders" at age 14! And of course Smiley Burnette, inventor of the emoticon.

Over 20 Riffers take part in taking apart this 12-EPISODE adventure serial from February 1st through April 18th!

See ALL the latest episodes here: http://www.rifftrax.com/iriffs/phantom-empire

* Heh. I said "annals".

The reviews are in!

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