Rabbit Ears: The Miracle on 33rd Street

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Feb 14 14

Available formats:

  • Rabbit Ears Miracle on 33rd Street HD 2014

*Remastered with HD video and sound - PLUS ALL NEW RIFFS!

About this episode:   In this 70 minute VOD feature, It's time to celebrate the Holidays "Rabbit Ears" style. In between watching "Miracle on 34th Street (sort of)" and a mysterious short film called "Holiday from Rules," the gang does their annual holiday gift exchange. Oh...and someone might get poisoned.  Come celebrate the holidays with the gang at Rabbit Ears! 

About the show:  Not paying your cable bill has it's drawbacks. Join a bunch of college dropouts as they sit in their basement and have nothing to watch but "Channel 62," the local UHF station. These guys can't hold a job, but they can riff movies with the best of them!


*Please note that this is a Riff on the complete original film, all in VOD format.

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