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Nov 02 10

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Perversion for Profit (1965)
A PuppyKnob production (color, 15m)

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From producer Charles Keating, whom you might remember from such deeply moral productions as The Savings & Loan Scandal (1989), starring John McCain as "The Man with the Slapped Wrist" and Neil Bush as "The Guy Who Daddy Got Off" comes this shocking film that blows... the lid off of the multi-billion dollar porn industry, exposing the dildonic demons responsible for the corruption of our nation's youth... Minorities, Communists and Gays (Oh My!).

Hosted by George Putnam, the KTLA news anchor who inspired Ted Baxter and preceded the KTLA news anchor who inspired Kent Brockman as the voice of KTLA*, this deeply probing film goes bed-hopping from girlie-mags to nudist-rags to "physique" publications, leaving no bone unturned (ouch).

DogKnob is:

Cassidy: "I read Clam Club for the articles!"

DX Stone: "What a woman does with her squid in the privacy of her own home is fine!"

* KTLA said they would pay us for that... they DID!

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