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Nov 02 10

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Habit Patterns (1954)
a DogKnob presentation (b/w, 15m)

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Poor Barbara. She oversleeps; throws on clothes she wore on her date with Bill Clinton; dodges her 6-foot tall, alcoholic penguin friend in order to (literally) wolf down some breakfast; then dashes off to school. There she twitches, rambles, and stumbles through a series of attempts to fit in. Meanwhile, her "normal" neighbor Helen wanders gleefully through her normal life with her normal parents and normal friends before returning home to her normal bed to dream normal dreams.

PuppyKnob presents a little gem from a not-so-by-gone era. This short teaches teenage girls that if they don't all act exactly the same, no one will love them. So stick on a Mazzy Star CD, pop a few dozen Seconals, kick back with a fifth o' Jack and enjoy the conformity :P

DogKnob is:
Cassidy: "Damn tree-huggers... heh! Lower this emission!"
DX Stone: "Just look at those sophisticated older girls; they do their hair with shampoo... but you, Barbara?... you use REAL poo... what's up with that?"

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