OneWallCinema: Burn-E (The iRiff Sing-Along)

iRiff Commentaries created by our fans!


Aug 21 12

Available formats:

  • NTSC
  • PAL
  • NTSC Reauthor
  • PAL Reauthor

The first ever iRiff done entirely with musical parodies!

This is not a love story.  It is a story of necessity, frustration, and ultimately triumph.  The kind of triumph that only comes from overcoming obstacles to complete the menial task that you're hard wired to do.  This is an ode to the working class, the blue collar joes and jills out there, flying under the radar and living job to job.  So let's raise our styrofoam coffee cups as we sing along to this groundbreaking effort, brought to you by OneWallCinema.

For your added enjoyment:

Download The NTSC Subtitle Files

Killer DVD Cover by Piobman

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Insert Booklet for your dvd case contains all the lyrics for the riff. Simply print both files on opposite sides of the page and fold to create your book!

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