OneWallCinema: Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Cheney Vase

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Jul 21 12

Available formats:

  • OWC006 - The Cheney Vase (VOD)
  • OWC006 - The Cheney Vase (Poster)

Three things come to mind when you think of suspense.  Hitchcock, an old lady, and a vase!  What? You had a different answer? Well then you certainly are in for a surprise.  Thrill as a mad man wheels around a handicapped elderly person! You'll be on the edge of your seat as you find the meaning to the mystery of how to properly pronounce "Vase". (Frankly we're still not sure.)  Brace yourself for suspense like you've never experienced before as ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: THE CHENEY VASE!*

*Actual feelings of suspense, surprise, and thrill not included.

We started this riff in our "early days" and abandoned it to create our riff of Burn-E.  We fully intended to finish it, but got distracted by riffing G.I. Joe & The Shadow. Kevin recently discovered the improv audio track of this "Lost Episode" that we recorded on an old backup drive. He cleaned it up, recorded a few new lines and there you have it!

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