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Oct 02 11

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What do the Dutch, paper handkerchiefs, spitting into the toilet and creepy dolls have in common?


Wait, you wanted an answer? Crap, I was hoping you knew. In the short Joan Avoids A Cold, they all somehow factor into an effort to teach children how to play it safe and prevent infections by nasty foreign bodies. No, not the Dutch, you jerk. It's also full of colorful characters like the titular Joan, who gets all of two minutes onscreen and absolutely NO lines! Nor does Jim, her brother. Watch as he falls to illness after biting a poisioned(with germs, of course!) apple. Then there's School Nurse- possibly a pseudonym, I'm not sure- a lady with the caring of an angel, and a voice to match. Assuming the angel is a cartoon rabbit from the backwoods of Maine. Finally we have George, the real star. George is the Goofus to Joan's Gallant, with the intelligence and acting ability of a Brazil nut. You'll thrill as these youngsters try to get ready for a festival that is being held to celebrate the culture of Holland. Are they studying Holland in school? Is the school located in a heavily Dutch suburb of Green Bay? Who knows! Join me, AdamCerious, as my One Man Riffing Crew takes on the exceedingly silly Joan Avoids A Cold!

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