One Man Riffing Crew Presents: Foundation Foods

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Sep 30 11

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Food. It's what your body craves(Or is that Brawndo?). Foundation Foods is one of the many charmless educational films that tries to show how to eat right, and like the vast majority of its ilk, it fails. It fails hard. What sets this short apart from its comrades is the refusal to answer any questions it raises. Why does young Sally cut out pictures of the food she has planned- and display them- instead of simply writing them down or even just memorizing them? More to the point, why did she have pre-prepared illustrations of her food ideas? What caused Dad to be more orange than the offspring of an Oompa Loompa and Snooki(okay, so two Oompa Loompas)? Is Mom so incompetent that she has to listen to specialized radio programs about how to plan to cook? What are soap opera nurses doing in the cafeteria? Does young track star Jim have to sleep that way because of a medical condition, or is he lining up at the blocks in his dreams? And why is cabbage grouped with citrus fruit in the nutrition pyramid... I mean pie chart? All these questions and more will NOT be answered in the One Man Riffing Crew's latest offering, Foundation Foods!

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