Ketchup Pharaoh Productions Presents: Ghostbusters

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Just in time for Halloween...urr...Veteran’s Day... comes the debut of Ketchup Pharaoh Productions as they attempt to take on one of the most beloved comedies of all time: Ghostbusters!

Seldom has a movie ever succeeded so overwhelmingly in delivering a message so heartfelt and spiritual that it has grabbed hold of a generation and hasn’t relinquished its grip yet. And that message is that everyone should smoke and they should do so as often as they possibly can. These characters excel in bringing to life the pleasure of filling your lungs with dozens of toxins and poisoning everyone around you with their noxious vapor trail. Oh, there’s also some business about catching ghosts and stuff, but it’s mostly about the smoking.

So strap on your proton packs and ready your PKE meters as Nic and Mumbles the Sync Mummy fire their capture streams at the likes of Gozer the Gozerian, spontaneous self-cooking eggs, and the walking sexual harassment lawsuit Dr. Peter Venkman! 


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