Just Andrew - Where Does It Get You? Short

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Jun 14 10

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Prolugue: Sorry that the iRiffs are down to a trickle from me. A new addition to the family does that to you. And no, picking an alcohol short has NOTHING to do with that. :)

If you haven't iRiffed an alcohol education short, you haven't lived. Well, count me among the living! The titular "it" refers to that highly contraversial substance, liquor. Since its discovery, liquor has split society right down the middle. One half claims that its consumption destroys relationships and degrades the body, while the other half retorts, "Shull bit!", and then falls over. This short sides with the former, claiming that alcohol has severe impacts on judgement, agility, stamina, strength, wisdom, spirit, and gold points. As it turns out, alcohol is not a drink like coffee or tea; it's more along the lines of chloroform or ether. Yeah. And? So, join "Just Andrew" as we watch two very (very, VERY) good friends, Bob and Herb, wrestle with this issue, and each other, and answer questions like, "Why doesn't Bob drink?", "How do dames act when they drink?", and "Who the hell is Xenophon?"

Contains both the audio and video track, skillfully merged for your convenience.

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