Just Andrew - Midwest Holiday

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Apr 26 12

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  • h264

Ahhh, summer! Time to jump in our cars, tow campers of complete strangers, and woo women away from their fiances as we visit state parks and historical landmarks. Seriously! At least that's what this short from Standard Oil would have us believe. This is a "get in your car and use gasoline" advertisement cleverly disguised as a tourism brochure, and then disguised again as a light hearted love drama. Weird, albeit addicting. Add some riffs, and the hilarity gauge hits "FULL" faster than an oil company's bank account! So hop in the car with Just Andrew as we tour the upper middle west and ponder mysteries like, "Why does everyone wear slacks in 1952?", "Is there a market for fine art at America's campgrounds?", and "Interlochen? Isn't that a brand of sandwich bag?"

Contains both audio and video, skillfully merged for your enjoyment.

This one is $1.00 as opposed to the normal $.75 for a short. Why? Because this one is ~30 minutes and it tips the scales at a massive 7.500 RPMs! That's why and a bag of chips!

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